New on the First Look roster: dessert!

Helen Noh of Cake Envy and Judy Tallant of Tallant House will be joining us at the February 10 event, showcasing the most gorgeous on-trend cakes (you don't think we're going to reveal those details here do you?), and then slicing and serving them, too. Noh and Tallant are ridiculously good at what they do; just wait until you see and taste it.

If there's a word that just about every bride uses these days, it's vintage. So to go with that buzz term, the proper accessories from Alana Antique and Estate Jewelry. The family-owned North End accessories operation does an amazing job of providing captivating options at a variety of price points.


If there's a word that just about every bride needs to using, it's lighting. As any and every venue manager and event planner will tell you, casting soft light in shadowy corners and throwing dramatic rays of the stuff around the room at precise moments is sort of the key to maximizing all the other elements of the day. You want people to really see all your hard work? Call Brian Waltz from GreenLight Event Design—or better yet, save yourself the trouble. He'll be at the Columbia Tower Club with us on February 10.

And while some couples go vintage, some go modern, and still others go handmade. Some manage all three. Sara Ewalt of Pinyadayada and Hens and Chicks is a master of the latter. Her intricately cut paper installations and super fun pinatas have hung in Seattle institutions and chic weddings. Why not yours? We can't wait to see what she creates for your first look of First Look. Keep your eyes out for her at the 40th floor check-in (you'll only be halfway there).

Okay. That's all I'm saying until next week.

Got your tickets yet?


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