Photograph by June Lion Photography

"Stressful! But kind of wonderful, too”—that was then-Austin-now-Seattle couple Skyler Wagner and AG Johnson’s take on planning from afar for their festive, gentlemanly August 24, 2013, nuptials at Wagner’s alma mater, Lewis & Clark. “We did fly to Portland a number of times to make sure everything was in place as the date approached,” says Wagner, who grew up in Sellwood. “But we’re both very detail-oriented, so it was actually nice to have a little forced separation from the process. We had to just commit to certain things that, in the end, I’m glad we didn’t overthink.”

Of course, it helped that Wagner, a digital product designer and art director, and Johnson, an independent film producer, picked seasoned local pros they could trust: Duchess, Clothier made custom suits; rings came from Gilt; KOi Fusion catered an epic rehearsal dinner; and Vibrant Table Catering & Events provided the wedding’s cocktail-party fare (e.g., sliders, sushi, crab salad profiteroles) and bouquets and bouts festooned with feathers and ferns.

Wagner (left) and Johnson at Lewis & Clark, and cutting their cake made by friend Moni Padilla. Photograph by June Lion Photography.

The day was everything the pair hoped. After a home-cooked breakfast, they met with the officiant, their friend Grace Browne, to button up the final details, and then got ready separately for their first-look session. The Agnes Flanagan Chapel ceremony, heartfelt and tear-filled, was witnessed by loved ones from around the world. A relaxed lunch reception beneath the trees was followed by dinner at Luce with their parents and wedding party, and then a little limo-aided tearing up the town and finally much-needed sleep.

Instead of an immediate honeymoon, brunch the next morning kicked off a week of laying low. “Which was really, really perfect,” Wagner says. “I don’t know if I could have appreciated a big trip right after.” They can always debate it over shots of Brennivín when, thanks to Traveler’s Joy contributions, they celebrate their first anniversary in Iceland.

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