By Eden Dawn

When it came time to create a spring/summer collection for her jewelry line Ay Marieke, Portland designer Marika Emerson thought about cycles. Life cycles, lunar cycles, diurnal, and nocturnal cycles—all of them swirled around as she mentally sketched out ideas for her collection, full of stripped-down, polished pieces that would complement her existing body of jewelry designs.   

The aesthetic answer­? Teardrops, lunettes, and interlocking circles—staying true to her original inspiration while throwing in her love of antiquity (see: the elephants, cameos, and delicate stone rings). It's an overall nod to the sweet sentimentality of antique and Victorian jewelry designs with a dash of Emerson's delicate and slightly surreal vibe.

For your walk down the aisle, pair Emerson's pieces with vintage wedding gowns or minimal, modern bridal separates.

Check out the lookbook below for a deep dive into the collection.

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