By Tessa Woolf

If July is the month of ice cream, then August is the month of s'mores. On August 10th we celebrated National S'mores Day. (And you thought summer holidays were all about independence and fireworks, pffffffft.)

In honor of the of the V.I.D.—Very Important Date—we're serving up six yummy, gooey, and chewy s'mores ideas for Portland weddings. Whether you set up a s'mores bar, serve gourmet mallows, or forgo the flames and slice into a s'mores-inspired cake, these fun suggestions are sure to fire up guests of all ages. Even grandma will love them, trust us.

Erin Kate Photography



If your venue has an outdoor fire pit or an open flame suitable for roasting, work with your caterer to set up a spread of marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate (consider a variety of flavors for each). Treat guests to customized s'mores and serve them up on plates, personalized napkins, or picnic-inspired gingham food wrappers.

Kate Osborne Photography



Another option: Rent fire pits, create an area with all the fixins and skewers, and have guests roast their own. Set up chairs or benches—have a few blankets on hand, too—and encourage guests to gather 'round the flames and get toasty.

Erin Kate Photography



Jet-Puff, Honey Maid, and Hershey's will do, but why not fancify your s'mores spread by using gourmet ingredients from local bakeries and chocolatiers? We love the flavored and chocolate-covered marshmallows from Pete's Gourmet Confections (a treat on their own!), the gluten-free graham crackers from Oregon Cracker Company, and the classic milk and dark chocolate bars by Moonstruck Chocolate Company. Wash it all down with a cold Portland beer or warm hot chocolate.

Oregon Cracker Company



Work with your baker to create tiers of 'smores like this refined confection by Wendy Kromer for Martha Stewart Weddings made with graham cake with chocolate ganache, marshmallows, and vanilla buttercream.

Martha Stewart Weddings



The only downside to serving s'mores? Sticky hands. Napkins and wet wipes should do the trick, but if you want to keep your guests' mitts free from melted mallows, there is another solution: serve s'mores-inspired desserts, no skewer or flame needed. Think s'mores fudge bars, s'mores in a jar, and s'mores-inspired cupcakes. Check out these graham cracker cupcakes with marshmallow fluff frosting by Portland wedding photographer Myles Katherine Photography.

Myles Katherine Photography



Send guests home with a s'mores care package. We like this camp-inspired DIY version from One Charming Party, complete with a free printable "Take Some S'more for Later" label.

One Charming Party