By Allison Jones 

Move over root beer, there's a new brew in town. Two fresh additions to Rogue's lineup of small-batch craft sodas—Honey Orange Soda and Citrus Cucumber Soda—use honey harvested from 119 colonies of farmstead honeybees raised at Rogue Farms in Independence, Oregon.

Serve the sodas in ice buckets for casual backyard rehearsal dinners or include them in the bar offerings at downtown receptions. (Kids, kids at heart, and teetotalers will appreciate the booze-free option.) Or, send guests home with six-packs or individual bottles—decorated with custom tags, natch—for a refreshing favor. Toss in a packet of Advil, and late-night danceaholics will thank you in the morning.

FIND IT: Bottles available at any Rogue Ales Public House and at