By Tessa Woolf

There's a new photo booth rolling into town: the Photo Booth Bus. Housed inside a vintage seafoam-green VW bus affectionately named Lucy, the mobile photo booth is fully restored and decked out with top-notch camera equipment, playful props, the ability to print photos on-site, and the technology for guests to upload their pics to Instagram instantly. The photo booth on wheels is based outside of Portland, but frequently road trips to the city and throughout the Pacific Northwest for weddings and parties come rain, snow, or shine.

Kristina Curtis Photography teamed up with the Photo Booth Bus to create this bohemian wedding and after-party inspiration shoot. Below, check out the festive golden-hour images (click on any photo to launch the slideshow) and read on for more details about the Photo Booth Bus.

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We chatted with Neal, proud owner of the Photo Booth Bus, and got the scoop on Ms. Lucy:

Q | When did the Photo Booth Bus first hit the road?

A | The Photo Booth Bus started last October; we've been open 11 months.

Q | What inspired you to start the Photo Booth Bus?

A | We thought it would be fun to change up the way photo booths are presented at events, and thought it would be cool to turn the living space of a VW bus into a photo booth area. We were unimpressed and little bored with the idea of having a photo booth with just a curtain around it. People tried open-air photo booths as well, but we saw a lot more fun and potential with the bus.

Q | Aside from the unique set-up, what makes the bus different from other, more traditional photo booths?

A | Other photo booth companies charge a high hourly rate. Customers don't want to be nickel and dimed or worried about watching the clock at their events. So we decided to make a flat rate available and customers can use the bus up to a max time of 4 hours. Most receptions are a little shorter time frame and we usually stay late if people are still using it. That's connected well with our customers.

Another thing is that other photo booth companies only allow limited picture taking and printing. We hear from clients at most of our events that they had an unpleasant experience with a photo booth company because they would ask for additional copies of their pictures or want to take more photos, but they were restricted to one round of pictures and only two copies of their shots in the booth. Because of these stories, we decided to make our photo booth unlimited for our guests. We offer unlimited pictures and prints for all guests, so couples love switching up the people in the group shots, getting extra prints so everyone has copies, and not having to worry about guests using the booth too much. They just let loose.

Q | What months is the bus on the road and where does she travel?

A | The bus is available year-round. We can park the bus inside or outside event locations. If people use the bus outside in the winter, we have space heaters to keep our clients warm and comfortable. We travel to all West Coast states. Some of the popular states we've served are California, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, and Arizona. The max drive we've done so far was to Santa Barbara. We've also gone up to to the top of Washington near the border of Canada. To capture our road trips, I stared The Rogue Crew. It's an exclusive crew of professional photographers, including myself, that "go rogue" and document our adventures. You can follow our travels on Instagram: @theroguecrew.

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