It’s a magical time of year here in Portland. Sure, locals know that we'll see our fair share of gray skies between December and May, but the rain just gives us an opportunity to snuggle in a little bit closer to the ones we love. For me, this means cuddling in close with my family, which grew to four when we welcomed our son this past November. Who are you curling up with this time of year? Whether it’s a new fiancé (hello, holiday engagements!), longtime partner, or pup and a good book, be sure to allow yourself the time to appreciate the small moments of magic that make up our everyday.

Speaking of magic, we’ve packed a lot of it into this issue, too. Read about a Harry Potter-themed Real Wedding—complete with “butterbeer” and golden snitches, a fanciful dessert spreads made up of the stuff of dreams, and bewitching bridal bouquets that pay homage to Portland’s favorite flower. Or flip right to our high-desert fashion feature that charms with fringe, tulle, lace, and a horse named Pistol. Wherever you turn, there’s a lot to both excite and inspire on the pages ahead.

Of course, that’s just a bit of what you’ll find inside this issue. The magic is really what you make of it all—if this issue of Portland Bride & Groom helps you find a gown you love, gives you a taste of the food you want to serve, or steers you toward the style of reception you envision, then we’ve done our job well. And for me, there’s something pretty enchanting in that.

In love,


In the photo: Emily (in Watters) and Gregory (in Brooks Brothers and Top Man) get cozy under Pendleton's Chief Joseph blanket.