John and Annie Davis grew up in the same town, but they didn’t meet until February 1977. They were working in Portland at Bell Telephone; John was an executive, while Annie was “the lowliest of the lowly.” They met eyes in the cafeteria, and later in a hallway, John approached her. “I saw her and said, ‘Didn’t you go to high school in Oregon City in the ’50s?’ And she didn’t slap me,” he says with a laugh. They were both twice divorced and each had two children, but sparks flew, and in July of the same year, they decided on a whim to fly to Reno for the weekend and get married. Once they arrived, they went to the Justice of the Peace. “A very small woman in a white suit married us, and our best man was a woman named Johnny,” says Annie. A picture from an old-timey photo booth taken on that trip still hangs in their Phinney Ridge home today. They moved to Seattle in 1979 and have been having fun and traveling the world together ever since. John’s motto is “We’re not here for a long time, we’re here for a good time,” while Annie takes the sage advice of her Irish grandmother: “If two people always agree on everything, one of them is not necessary. We’ve had huge fights, but the making up is fun.”