Skinny ties, wool ties, paisley prints, bow ties—when it comes to wedding neckwear there are a surprising amount of options. But the bolo tie? Until we met Justin Lytle of Studio Arno we may have been apt to leave it in the hipster kitsch category.

Lytle is bringing back the bolo in a big way, and his modern take on the classic tie is adding another solid option to wedding wear. Each elegant bolo is handcrafted from exotic woods carved to resemble the knot of a traditional tie, then strung with simple leather, and finished with two recycled brass shell casings.

Studio Arno is named after Lytle's grandfather Arno Pauling, who sported a bolo nearly every day of his life. When he passed away shortly before Lytle's wedding, the craftsman decided to wear a bolo tie during the ceremony in honor of his stylish grandfather. He hopes to see his work passed down through the generations, much like Arno's ties were passed down to him.


The Studio Arno bolo would make an excellent groomsman gift (perhaps he'll even engrave it for you), and we love the look on the ladies, too. The ties are available in a variety of styles in the online Studio Arno store and at the Belltown gallery/boutique Object.

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