By Olivia Tinsley

When Stephanie Rubesh and Markus Bulthuis began planning their August 2014 nuptials, they fell in love with the idea of bringing in as much of their inner circle as possible. “We knew that we wanted something fun and collaborative,” says Stephanie, whose love for planning and crafting naturally led to their DIY decision. Swan Trails Farms, the venue for the breezy summer celebration, served as the perfect whimsical stage for the big talents and small businesses of their friends and families to shine.

While loved ones ran point on the invitations, dress, flowers, cake, and music, the bride and groom also put their hands to work. Markus was responsible for the arbor terrariums, while Stephanie took on the signage. Inspired by a Pinterest image that sparked a vision of “Hogwarts in the summer,” the couple’s greatest undertaking was handcrafting the 400 lanterns that hung from the ceiling. It was a trial-and-error process that called for long lengths of wire and rope, plus plenty of spray paint and patience. The results, however, were worth it.

“It hit me so hard when I walked in,” says Stephanie of the moment she saw everything together. “It was a project of love assembled by truly wonderful individuals.” She was taken by the fact that so many of her family and friends not only stepped up, but were pleased to do so. “People that love you really want to help, so don’t be afraid to delegate,” she says.

In the Details

Paper Goods Skilled calligraphist and friend of the bride Anna Taylor of Line and Feather designed the watercolor invites and table cards.

Dress Etsy shop owner and college friend Olivia Lenz offered to make the simple, flowing gown after Stephanie struck out at local shops.

Flowers After picking out the blooms at Pike Place Market with her mother and a close family friend, the bride gave them free reign over the design elements and was overwhelmed by the beautiful job they did without any specific instructions or inspiration to follow.

Cake The groom’s mother made the tiered Scandinavian wedding cake after only a couple of test runs, while Stephanie asked her sister-in-law to make the traditional round. “She baked her own wedding cake when she married my brother, and it was so good that I asked her to make mine, too.”

Music The bride enlisted her friend Aly Quatier to write and perform Sigur Rós–inspired songs. The “achingly beautiful” music made the walk down the aisle all the more meaningful.