Yesterday we celebrated National Chocolate Eclair Day (yes, it's a thing), but thanks to a new French eclair bakery in Pike Place Market you can celebrate eclairs every day, including on your wedding day.

Just beneath the Pike Place Market skybridge lies Ludovic Guillaume and Elizabeth Bastoni’s Choukette at 1500 Western Ave. The husband-and-wife duo and co-owners, who recently returned stateside after living in France for 18 years, have brought a bit of Paris back with them.

Upon returning to Seattle, Guillaume told Bastoni, “Okay, I have our next project!” And lucky for us, that project is a French paradise of pastries.

The humble 400 square-foot bakery just opened on June 10 and focuses on the pâte à choux dough-based eclair. Inside a glossy pastry case, you’ll find 10 different flavors such as hazelnut praline, classic chocolate, huckleberry marscarpone, and one with lychee, raspberry, and rose water. And to wash it all down: Espresso Vivace.

Some of the Northwest-meets-French combinations will come and go with the seasons, as Bastoni says they source local ingredients from family-owned businesses as often as possible. This roughly translates to: Please see yourself to that huckleberry eclair, people. Eventually Choukette will also add a savory line of eclairs too.

Good news for brides and grooms: You can special order Choukette's eclairs for engagement parties, bridal showers, rehearsal dinners, wedding receptions, and day-after brunches. The petite sweets would be darling incorporated into a dessert spread or served alongside slices of cake.

Hours are currently Tuesday through Sunday, from 11 to 6. A website is underway, but for now see Choukette’s Facebook for more information.