In celebration of the sticky-gooey-sweet campfire treat and wedding-dessert fave, we present three Portland ways to serve s'mores at your shindig (don't be surprised if guests ask for s'more):

1) Straight Up S'mores

Whether served late to fuel the dancing or as the main dessert event, Nineteen27 S’mores’s gloriously gooey creations will make for a memorable night (see our stack pictured above). Big, pillowy marshmallows are made from scratch and can come in unique flavors (coffee, chai, chamomile!) and custom hues, such as pastel green, pink, and blue. Offer them with homemade grahams (honey, cocoa, cinnamon) and tantalizing spreads: fudge, salted caramel, lemon curd, and whipped cream cheese.

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2) S'mores Wedding Cake

We guarantee guests will line up for this s’mores-inspired graham cake by Little Red’s Bakeshop & Café. The yummy confection is filled with chocolate buttercream and covered in toasted marshmallow meringue and edible gold leaf.

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3) S'mores Cupcakes

Special order a batch of Pearl District bakery Cupcake Jones s'mores cupcakes. Serve up mini versions of the scratch-baked treats on wooden platters, or place full-size versions at each guests' seat.