The iconic film gets local restaurant Ernest Loves Agnes’ treatment.

Pacific Northwest inspired, this romantic and flirty pairing has an unexpected twist: scallops; “Legend has it Aphrodite was carried to earth on the shell of a scallop.”  From that moment on, scallops were known as an aphrodisiac. Coupled with celery root puree, pear and pine nut gremolata, we call it delicious.

Classically Seattle: The Northwest Gin and Tonic is an expert pour of Citadelle gin, rosemary, orange peel, and tonic for a sparkling herbal refresher that combines the heart of New York City with the friendliness of Seattle.


Who better to recreate the glamour of Holly Golightly than downtown Seattle’s Andaluca?

Bourbon Retro: This custom cocktail is appropriately named the Lexington and 71st (where Holly met Paul), and combines Basil Hayden’s Bourbon, orange bitters, and Strawberry Star Anise Shrub.

Elegantly Smoked: Chef Sarah Lorenzen says they created the smoked beef tenderloin appetizer with “a nod to Holly’s famous pastry [in front of Tiffany’s], combined with the little mushroom duxelle, dijon and puff pastry roulade, as well as her Texas roots—that’s where the smoke comes in!”


The cool-as-a-cucumber chefs at DSquared tackle the most heart wrenching of couples.

Sweet Rose: Rose-scented meringue is topped with house-made lemon curd, candied rose petal and fresh mint in this sweet appetizer. "We opted for something that would contrast rather complement," event manager Amanda Austin says, just like the characters' rocky romance.

Drink Up: Opposites attract with this strong cocktail to go with the lightness of meringue. This Manhattan is mixed with grapefruit bitters, “so the citrus flavors in the drink and the lemon curd in the meringue could dance together,” says Austin with a wink. They also included a bubbly French 75 created with rosewater, a nod to the Titanic era.


The outrageous Miami duo is flawlessly represented by TASTE at Seattle Art Museum.

Miami Feel: Chef Josie Urbick was inspired by Miami’s bright colors, love of seafood and Latin flair, she says: “This dish closely resembles a Bird of Paradise which is seen throughout the film.” She used avocado and local Cape Cleare cod blini topped with Fresno chili, fresh green onions, and their own TASTE-made sriracha crema. Garnish with a fried purple potato.

Star of the Show: The cocktail SAM made is sparkling and delightful, incorporating a Southern Florida feel with a dash of drama. Called Starlina’s Skirt, the libation includes Champagne and Belvedere Pink Grapefruit Vodka. Drop in custom sorbet spheres, hand-squeezed red grapefruit juice and hibiscus syrup in a chilled martini glass complete with a pink hibiscus sugar rim.