Move over Chanel no. 5, there's a new scent in town. From bridesmaid to groomsmen gifts to finding your own signature scent, Raw Spirit has you covered offering eight unisex fragrances, each with their own inspiration from around the globe to satisfy your wanderlust.

Raw Spirit partners with marginalized communities to concoct their beautiful scents—they aim to design a sustainable business and unique product by sourcing rare ingredients from different countries such as Australian sandalwood and Haitian vetiver. Take the Citadelle fragrance, for example, which features refreshing notes of marigold and nutmeg, and is inspired by a mountaintop fortress in Haiti that symbolizes strength. Or the Bijou Vert fragrance, aka “Green Jewel,” which is inspired by the Caribbean isle of Haiti and offers timeless grapefruit and lotus-flower scents.

Raw Spirit Desert Blush fragrance

Fragrances like Raw Spirit can help set the tone for your big day. If finding your signature wedding scent is a mystery to you, don’t worry—check out our tips below for finding your fragrant match.

1. Start With Subtle Scents

You don’t want to overwhelm your senses or the people around you, so try out some subtle fragrances first and see what you enjoy. Less is usually more when it comes to finding your signature scent. Raw Spirit's Desert Blush fragrance (pictured above) has sandalwood and floral hints to create a subtle scent and a sweet tone.

2. Wear Perfume Out Of The Shop

Never trust the in-store sample smell. You don’t know how this scent will smell on your skin after a few hours, so take it for a spin and try it out for the day.

3. Stay True To You

If an exotic fragrance isn’t for you, don’t buy it! You’ll know when a scent fits and when it’s just too much. Trust your gut and pick something you will actually enjoy wearing.