Despite our reputation as a rainy city, Seattle has a complicated relationship with umbrellas. While some say using one is the sure mark of a tourist, we say umbrellas can be an easy way to provide everything from playful pops of color to much needed shade at your celebration. In Chinese culture, the color red is used to signify everything from courage and loyalty to success, fortune, fertility, happiness, and passion. Bridesmaids use a red umbrella to cover the bride as she makes her way to the ceremony site—the protection of the umbrella is thought to ward off evil spirits.

Counter-clockwise from top:

1) Red signature Bella pagoda

2) Seven-layered red ruffled pagoda

3) Red pagoda with double ruffled edge

4) Orange pagoda with pale pink, black, and red fruit and floral

All umbrellas available for rental at Bella Umbrella. 1-4 umbrellas/$25 each, 5 or more umbrellas/$20 each. 


Have guests write well-wishes on the underside of an umbrella in lieu of a guest book to feel their love on even the rainiest day.