Maybe you're not a wedding cake kind of couple. Or maybe breakfast is your favorite meal of the day. Or maybe you're just an equal opportunist when it comes to baked goods. Whatever the reason, consider including some of Portland's finest pastries in your big-day dessert buffet. Planning a brunch celebration? Even better! Our sister magazine, Portland Monthly, rounded up 10 of the city's best pastries in their March issue. Get the scoop on a handful of the pastries in the list below (read the full shebang here), then make a date with your betrothed to embark on a pre-wedding taste-test around town.

Photo: Stuart Mullenberg

Maurice’s Scones (#4)

Hefty with delicate crumbles and pocked with currants and rosemary, these deeply savory objects of desire are simply a different animal from what others call scones.

—Karen Brooks

Courier Coffee Roasters Canelé (#6)

Improbably, a quirky coffee shop cracked the code to one of France’s most finicky pastries—barely sweet, springy, custard cake within; a bitter, wonderfully elusive honeycomb chew without. —KB

Milk Glass Mrkt’s Fruit Crostata (#8)

With an Italian pie crust to write Rome about, this flaky, buttery dough dancing with seasonal fruit—perhaps fat wedges of dark, caramel-y apples—comes courtesy of baker-wiz Kir Jensen. —KB

Oui Presse’s Hazelnut Espresso Coffee Cake (#9)

Coffee and pastry collide in this thick slice of espresso-soaked sour cream cake. On top: a toffee-flavored moonscape of whole nuts and batter scraps. Check out the recipe.


Blue Star’s Raspberry Rosemary Doughnut  (#10)

The doughnut mogul’s tart raspberry glaze and herbal, rosemary backbite mimics its all-time favorite, the blueberry-bourbon-basil—but with the added bonus of an incredible butter crunch. —Benjamin Tepler

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