“The best way to remember something is with fragrance. Scent memories don’t change with time the way other kinds of memories do,” says House of Matriarch’s Christi Meshell. What better way to begin your life together than with a signature scent, one that will take you back to that incredible day each time you spritz it on? Create your own, or work with your partner to make a scent you can wear together.


Creating your own scent can be a long process, but it’s one that’s well worthwhile, as you can carry that scent with you for the rest of your life. Check out these spots to change your scent.

Rewrite Your Signature at House of Matriach

“We believe in the power of fragrance to connect us to the past, captivate our being to excite the present moment, and help us to write the future,” says Meshell. Choose a new scent from her existing line, or work together in her private studio to create a completely original bespoke fragrance. House of Matriarch, houseofmatriarch.biz

Olfactory Obsession at Essenza

Visit this Fremont shop to choose a scent from over 300 boutique fragrance houses. Discover the scent families and how they react to your personal chemistry through a guided experience (appointment recommended). “The season, the setting, and the theme of the wedding help guide you to the correct fragrance family. Perfumes are very personal,” says Essenza’s Wendy Fink. Essenza, 206-547-4895, essenza-inc.com