Sorry cupcakes, but there’s a new sweet in town: the current darling of wedding desserts is the donut. Whether served as an alternative to traditional wedding cake or offered as a scrumptious sidekick, there's a whole lot to love about fried rounds of dough. Below, check out a few of our favorite ways to serve donuts at your shindig—offer up classic flavors such as powdered sugar and glazed, or get creative with inventive, custom flavors.

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Serve Donuts Instead of Cake 

Skip the cake cutting, and serve donuts by the platter or package them in small bags stamped with your wedding logo as late-night takeaways. For their fall wedding at Union/Pine, Stephanie Berkom and Dallas Hansen offered up an ample array of Blue Star Donuts, like chocolate salted almond, blueberry bourbon basil, and buttermilk old-fashioned

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Create a Build-Your-Own Donut Bar

At their summer wedding in the mountains, Meagan Foulger and August Simmons created a build-your-own donut bar with a variety of toppings including icings and sprinkles.

Photo: Nicole Clemetson

Request Custom Donuts

Your guests will love Voodoo Doughnut’s custom bride and groom donuts. Send in a photo of yourselves, and they’ll frost your donuts to match.