Break the cake mold with this perfectly puffed croquembouche tower, made by Choukette éclair’art. Cream puffs are traditionally filled with vanilla pastry cream and topped with either caramel or chocolate fondant. Tower layers are separated by nougatine discs and accented with ranunculus, sweet peas, tulips, and scabiosa.

Linens from Choice Linens. Gold-rimmed coupes and plates, $1.50/each, Vintage Dish Company. Crystal bowls, candlesticks, table runner, silver vase with purple sweet pea flowers from Valley & Co.


Channel a moody garden party with this French-style pistachio biscuit cake, decked out over four fondant tiers with intricate gold piping, roses, and ranunculus blooms, created by Midori Bakery. Slices of the pistachio cake are fortified with layers of vanilla bean white chocolate mousse and sour cherry crémeux.

Cake plates are Haviland Limoges dessert plate, $5/each from Vintage Dish Company. Linens from Choice Linens. Glass dishes from Valley & Co. Hanging greenery includes asparagus fern, sweet peas, tea roses, and hellebores; table arrangement features Japanese sweet peas, ranunculus, bay leaf, hellebore, tea roses, and heather, both from Valley & Co. (Prices not listed available upon request.)

This four-tiered textured luster brushstroke beauty is perfect for a bright outdoor celebration and comes complete with sugar anemone, white lilac flowers, and molded leaves. Created by the Cakewalk Shop, the cake itself is a decadent brown butter cake with caramel and darkchocolate ganache. (Pricing available upon request.)


If vanilla and chocolate aren’t your thing, consider creating something unexpected like this magnificent tower of cheese. When creating a cheese stack such as this, shoot for a mix of soft and hard cheeses made from a variety of milks—sheep, goat, and cow—and adorn with live floral and edible elements. Easy accompaniments include apples, pears, stone fruit, or berries, as well as crackers, nuts, and even charcuterie.

Cheeses from top to bottom: Le Pico Fromages de France Germain, San Gil d’Albió Formatge de cabra, Grès des Vosges, and Fromager D’Affinois, courtesy of Paris-Madrid Grocery, styled with roses, blueberries, hellebore, sweet peas, and plums by Valley & Co, $600 as is. Glass cake pedestal, $12 from Vintage Dish Company.

Turn the cute knob to squee levels with these adorable individual cheese stacks, accompanied by blueberries, plums, and sweet pea flowers. Cheeses from top to bottom are Picandou, Pérail Papillon, and camembert, courtesy of Paris-Madrid Grocery and styled by Valley & Co. Hand-drawn calligraphy menu from La Happy Calligraphy & Custom Paper Goods. Linen from Choice Linens. (Prices not listed available upon request.)


This three-tiered lovely from Morfey’s Cake is quite the masterpiece, combining hand-painted watercolor on fondant with bronze-tipped ribbon details and sugar flowers. Watercolor florals are a gorgeous way to incorporate blooms in a surprising way. Match the painted flowers to the same ones in your bouquet, or use it as an opportunity to showcase flora that might not be available in your area. The cake itself is lemon with lavender and blackberry frosting. (Pricing available upon request.)

Nothing says fabulous quite like a champagne tower. The key for successfully cascading bubbles is a slow, steady hand pouring the sparkling wine, which will naturally cascade down the tower and fill the glass on the way. Gold-rimmed coupes $1.50/each, Vintage Italian papier-mâché tray, $15, both from Vintage Dish Company.