“PAPER FLOWERS are a great solution when modern horticulture can’t fulfill your floral visions,” says Kate Alarcon, the whiz behind Seattle’s Cobra Lily. From dramatically oversized paper flowers as backdrops or altar displays to commissioning an artist to create a bouquet of protected wildflower species, consider supplementing your fresh flower elements with paper flowers to add color, texture, and depth to your celebration. Instead of replacing fresh blooms totally, try to keep it small. “An intricately detailed paper flower crown, corsage, or bouquet feels like an heirloom, something you take care to save and preserve, as opposed to the 20 paper centerpieces you might end up needing to re-home,” she says.

Additionally, if you’re looking at making them yourself, be patient. It takes a pro like Kate 45 minutes to make a single rose, and time spent perfecting your petals can add up quick. Lastly, if you’re new to the paper game, focus on color and texture rather than botanical accuracy. “Poppies are fairly simple to make, benefit from looking a little quirky and cock-eyed, and look amazing gathered in a simple handful.