Diamonds a girls best friend? Maybe back in grandma’s day. Today’s couples are choosing center stones in a rainbow of dazzling hues. This new wave of engagement rings proves you don’t need a big white sparkler to say “I do.”


All rings listed top to bottom


Pointer finger: Rhodolite garnet ring, $3,000; Salt & Pepper diamond ring, $4,490; Montana sapphire ring, $3,000, all from

Middle finger: Effy London blue topaz and diamond ring, $578; Effy amethyst and diamond ring, $683; Effy blue topaz and diamond ring, $928, all from

Ring finger: Tourmaline and diamond ring, $2,900,


Ring finger: Caroline Ellen sapphire and diamond ring, $7,050; Caroline Ellen sapphire ring, $4,060, both from

Middle finger: Cathy Waterman blue sapphire and diamond ring, $3,850, Amali aquamarine ring, $1,430, Amali tanzanite ring, $1,595, all from

Pointer finger: Erika Winters Claudia Halo with Malaya garnet, $9,600; Todd Reed fancy brown diamond ring, $11,900; both from

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