Project Wedding

Off the Cuff: DIY Boutonnieres

Give your lapel some love with these whimsical, DIY boutonnieres.

07/31/2017 Styled by Kira Corbin With Tracy Howard Garton Photography by Scott Rounds


Tap Into Your Inner Florist at London Plane's Floral Workshops This June

Stop and smell the roses (or peonies), plus learn to create a bridal bouquet, at the London Plane Flower Shop's upcoming classes.

05/31/2017 With Nicole Erickson


Get Crafty: Kokedama Workshops at Glasswing

Kokedama, a style of Japanese bonsai, is a living piece of art—and a cool, organic decor idea for greenery-rich weddings.

01/24/2017 With Amanda Raschkow


Glasswing x Barrow PDX Porcelain Jewelry Making Workshop

Learn how to create unique porcelain necklaces at this hands-on workshop with Barrow PDX on September 11, 2016 at Glasswing in Seattle.

09/06/2016 With Amanda Raschkow

Project Wedding

To Dye For

Indigo-dyed details, like this boho-meets-modern statement lamp, will light up your big day.

06/15/2016 With Anna Sachse Photography by Justin Myers Illustrations by Libby Vanderploeg

Decor and Design

Floral Design Workshops at Botanique

05/07/2015 By Kira Bottles