How to Live a Life in Love

Together for 23 years and married for three, Byron Beck and Juan Martinez share their keys to happily ever after.

09/06/2018 Photography by Ashley Anderson By Tracy Howard Garton


Charm Times Three

04/04/2018 With Jackie Varriano Photography by Brooke Fitts


The Secret to Endless Love

How do two hearts beat as we one? We chatted with Seattle's Charles and Rose Ann Finkel, who've been married almost 50 years, to get some answers.

08/01/2017 With Jackie Varriano Photography by Amos Morgan


Wedding Planning 2.0: Tips to Help You Create a Tech-Savvy Celebration

We got the download on all the best digital tools, apps, and social media advice to help you plan a modern Portland wedding.

07/31/2017 With Bailey Carver Illustrations by Jenny Zych


Rock On: Advice for Hiring Music Masters

We chat with Portland's Melegari Chamber Players and Karaoke from Hell to get the scoop on their top wedding tunes and tips.

07/31/2017 With Tracy Howard Garton

Cakes and Desserts

Take the Cake: 5 Tips to Ace Your Cake Tasting

Seattle's Dessert Geek Jess Tupper shares her advice and expertise for selecting a top-tier confection for your celebration.

07/31/2017 With Jess Tupper Illustrations by Sarah Wilkins

Beauty & Wellness

Beauty School: Expert Advice for A+ Hair, Makeup & Nails

Two Portland beauty pros share their top tips for brides to be, from what's trending in bridal hair and makeup to why shellac is a bride's best friend.

06/16/2017 With Anna Sachse Photography by Stuart Mullenberg


Wedding Astro Guide 2017

What’s written in the stars for your first year of marriage? Allie Couch of CosmoMuse.com shares five astrological influences that make 2017 a special year.

04/18/2017 With Tessa Woolf Illustrations by Danielle Fisher


The Perfect Gift For the Newly Engaged: "The Wedding Book" by Mindy Weiss

The celebrity wedding planner's new paperback offers encyclopedic knowledge and modern advice on every detail of the big day, from cool cakes to using Uber.

12/20/2016 With Bailey Carver